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Tenancy cleaning

From property to property there is always a difference, so it is not always easy to determine the right price for cleaning services. We give you only the approximate cost for services, with the exact price confirmed after conversation with our representative.


Regular cleaning

Regular domestic cleaning could be on a weekly basis, just once, fortnightly or several times per week all dependent on your needs. This cleaning services includes all general and thorough house duties done on a regular basis. Our experienced domestic cleaners are fully trained and guaranteed to clean your home to the highest standard, leaving you to enjoy your spare time free from the worry of household chores in a house that sparkles clean.


One-off cleaning

One-off cleaning for clients who do not need a cleaner on a regular basis. You are able to just order a cleaner when a need of cleaning arises. The deep cleaning service cannot be done in 2-3 hours and hence the reason it is more expensive. Our experienced and reliable cleaners will clean everything in details for a minimum of 4 hours onwards.


Office cleaning

The office cleaning services are carried out by our most experienced and well trained cleaners. Their training has equipped them to carry out their job without disturbing yours. Office cleaning is a weekly service and we recommend it be carried out early in the morning or late afternoons to ensure that our cleaners do not get in your way. Communication is key. We ask any specific instructions in order to deliver the best possible office cleaning service.

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