Frequently asked questions

How many cleaners will come to clean my house?

Depending on how much cleaning you would like us to do, you will normally have one or two cleaners come to clean your house.

Will my cleaning be done at the same time every week?

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to clean at the same time every week, but we do try our best to keep to a routine and most of the time this will mean that your cleaning will be carried out at the same time every week, unless you specify otherwise.

Will the same cleaner come to clean my house every week?

We cannot guarantee that the same cleaner will be able to clean your house every week, but we do try our best to keep to a routine, which most of the time will mean your cleaning is done by the same cleaner every week.

Do I need to be there whilst my house is being cleaned?

No, most of our customers are happy to provide us with access to their house whilst they are out in order to clean by providing their cleaner with a spare key. However, if you would prefer to be there whilst we clean then that is also not a problem.

Do you provide any services other than standard cleaning?

Yes, we can also provide bedmaking and ironing services if you require them. Or if you require a more thorough clean, we can provide carpet and oven cleaning.

Do I need to provide any cleaning products and equipment?

No, we will clean your house using our own products and equipment, unless you specifically request for us to use products and equipment of your own choosing. It is only necessary for us to have access to an electrical supply and hot water whilst at your home.

Who will come to clean my house?

Our cleaning team has years of experience in the industry, catering to a wide variety of needs ranging from domestic cleaning to luxury hotel cleaning.

How long will it take to clean my house?

Cleaning times will depend on the number and size of the rooms you need to be cleaned as well as any other services you require. Before we come to clean your house we will give you a quote on both price and how long it will likely take to clean your house.

Can you provide me with any references?

If you want to hear from our customers in more detail to the reviews they have provided on our website, many of them will be willing to provide us with a reference of the quality service that we provide.

What time of day can my house be cleaned?

Most of our cleaning is done in standard working hours of 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, however if it suits you better to clean in evenings or at the weekend, we can normally accomodate this.

Can you clean my office or shop?

Yes, as well as providing domestic cleaning we also provide industrial and commercial cleaning.

What if I want a different cleaner or have a problem or complaint?

If you are at all unhappy with the service we have provided we would like to know as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on our great customer service and hence we take all complaints as well as positive feedback very seriously in order for us to constantly improve the services that we provide.

Do you have a list of terms and conditions?

Yes, you can view and download a copy of our terms and conditions here.